Residential Solar

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Alliance Cooperative Energy, LLC provides everything you need to power your home with solar energy, from custom system design to solar roof shingles and financing that fits your circumstances, to top-quality installations and monitoring that track your solar output. We install solar electric systems for residential and commercial applications.

All of our installations are characterized by friendly interaction from your first call to the day your system is turned on. We offer a personalized process aimed at addressing your needs because every family uses energy differently and each building is unique. Our experienced teams understand these variables demand a vigilant attention to detail and project coordination.

Our expert Systems Designers specialize in producing designs that optimize the output of your system, using the most appropriate solar equipment for your application. All of the solar panels we install come with a 25-year limited power warranty, 10 year manufacturer’s warranty and all of our solar electric installations come with a 5-year workmanship warranty.

Solar Roof Shingles

What if your roof and your solar system could do two things at once — protect your roof from weather and produce clean energy from the sun?

This is the promise of solar roofing shingles, an inherently simpler and more efficient way to go solar.

This is a solar roofing system which offers homeowners an innovative way to integrate solar directly into the sloped roof of a home, commercial building or carport. Whether you want to integrate into a Tile or Asphalt Shingle roof, we provide the perfect combination of aesthetics, performance and value.

Benefits of Solar Roof Shingles

  • Appearance: Unique in-roof design allows solar to blend in with the roof, making it barely noticeable!
  • Performance: the solar shingle we use outperforms other in-roof products in terms of energy production (kWh)
  • Value: Because a solar shingle functions both as a solar panel and a roofing system, owners benefit from additional savings when re-roofing.  The roof pays for itself over time!
  • Reliable and Safe: our solar shingle is based on proven solar technology, carries extensive certifications and is designed with safety in mind.

Solar roof shingles New Jersey

We invite you to learn more about how solar works and discover the opportunities and incentives that exist for solar in New Jersey and New York.

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