So You’re Thinking About Going Solar …

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So, you’re thinking about going solar…Here are a few reasons that might make it a really good idea!

Solar energy is good for the environment:

  • Solar photovoltaics (PV) produce 96 percent less global warming pollution per unit of energy than coal-fired power plants over their entire life cycle, and 91 percent less global warming pollution than natural gas-fired power plants.
  • Solar energy benefits consumers by reducing the need for expensive investments in long-distance transmission lines.
  • The use of solar energy is amongst the largest impact a home or business owner can make on protecting and preserving the environment now and for the future. By using solar energy, we reduce air emissions of particulates, carbon dioxide, and other harmful elements resulting in lower greenhouse gases, reduced acid rain, and lower smog levels.

Solar energy is good for Consumers:

  • Solar energy can lower electricity costs by providing power at times of peak local demand.
  • The cost of installed solar energy systems has fallen by 60 percent since the beginning of 2011.
  • Instead of renting electricity from the utility company, with solar energy you own the electricity you produce. The power companies have raised their rates year over year and at times with double digit increases. Be your own power company and avoid these constant rate hikes.
  • Each solar panel is guaranteed to work for 25 years! And there are many reports of older solar models working much longer than that. Our solar energy systems are highly dependable, amazingly durable (able to withstand hurricane type winds and large hailstorms), and reliably deliver clean electricity to you and your family for many years to come.

Solar energy is good for the economy:

  • Solar energy creates local clean energy jobs that can’t be outsourced. More than 140,000 people currently work in America’s solar energy industry, about half of them in jobs such as installation that are located in close proximity to the places where solar panels are installed.

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