Energy Conservation Tips

Replace older appliances
Replacing older appliances with energy efficient ones save around 1.4 tons of CO2 each year

Installing better insulation
By increasing the insulation effectiveness, you can save around 20%-30% on electricity costs

Change to compact fluorescent light bulbs
While being a bit more expensive, they consume a 1/4 of the amount of electricity of a regular bulbs and last at least eight times as long.

Install double glazed windows
Double glazed windows help to protect the inside of the home from the outside temperature

Use warm water during laundry
By using warm water instead of hot twice a week saves about 500 pounds of CO2 a year with an electric water heater and about 150 pounds with gas.

Unplug Appliances
Many appliances use power even when they are not being used, known as stand by power. By unplugging the appliances you aren’t using you will eliminated unnecessary phantom costs.

Reduce Leaks in windows and doors
Air leaks from old or poorly installed windows and doors can be costly. By weather stripping and caulking both you can reduce the occurrences of leaks.

Plant a tree
Depending on the size of your home and the placement of your windows, you may be able to plant a tree or shrub of some sort to give you shade over the window without obstructing the view. When sun comes directly into a room it makes it much hotter, and in the summer months the AC will need to be put up higher. Having the window shaded will reduce the light coming in and reduce the need to raise the AC. Also, trees produce oxygen, which we need to breathe, and use CO2, at a rate of about 25 pounds a year per tree.

Have an Energy Audit
An energy audit will help to optimize your home by finding the places where you are losing the most energy and how to fix it.

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